...with an emphasis on participation, English language learning and musical JOY

"Let's Play with Music"

For children 0-3 with their parents/teachers.  Set of 12-15 age-appropriate songs in English with a short introduction to the guitar, violin, ukulele and other instruments. Emphasis on simple, relevant English words, though song/instrument introductions are in Spanish for comprehension.   

"Singalong with Me"

For children 2-8 with their parents/teachers.  A selection of familiar songs in English (classic British/American children's songs,  The Beatles, folk music, etc...) accompanied by guitar, violin and ukelele.  The songs selected all invite easy participation, with singing and/or rhythms, and in some cases words are provided for adults to create the ultimate "sing-along" experience. 


feel music.jpg

"Feel the Music"

For families or children 4-10.  An exploration of the relationship between music and feelings.  Songs performed with violin, cello, guitar and ukelele.  The key words (sad, happy, etc...) are presented on posters in English and explained bilingually.  The audience participates in some songs singing in English.

"Explore Classical Music: Listen, Imagine, Draw & Sing!"

For children 4-10 with or without families.  An interactive concert divided into three sections introducing classical music and several important composers.  Each concert includes various activities and active participation of the audience.  

CUSTOM CONCERTS related to holiday (Halloween, Christmas) or theme (for example, animals) also available!