BIRTHDAY PARTIES: In conjunction with Elena Ferraris Kate organizes "Musical Yoga" birthday parties for children.   

SINGALONG: Kate organizes singalong events for parties and corporate events in search of a unique, fun event.  Singalongs are NOT karaoke, there are no stars, no microphones, no audience, no performers, just pure "singing-in-the-car" music for all participants.  Kate customizes a playlist for each event (in English and Spanish), prepares lyrics sheets and acts as DJ. 

ELECTRO-CLASSICAL COCKTAIL MUSIC: Violin and/or multi-instrument music for events, gallery openings, cocktail parties, weddings. From classical, to ambient, to bluegrass. Though she performs solo, Kate layers her instruments (violin, cello, guitar) in real-time to create rich musical compositions.  

Music sample contains examples of real-time layering. 

PLONCERT: From time to time the audiences of Madrid have enjoyed Kate's "ploncerts": a cross between a play and a concert.  The ploncerts feature voice, many instruments and narratively-linked songs.  The most recent ploncert is "Kate's Horse & Pony Show"; another ploncert is currently in development