CLASSES: A range of possible class offerings which vary in terms of content and interaction based on age group.  Some examples below.  

  • Music and Movement (school/activity center setting; ages 2-4 WITH adult accompaniment) Emphasis on moving/gesturing to music, making rhythms, differentiating instruments and singing freely in English. 
  • Singalong and Music Games (private or school setting, 3-6) Emphasis on singing freely in English, often with coordinated movement.  Children also spend time on listening activities, exploring instruments and learning singing and rhythm basics.
  • "Love Music"/Music Appreciation (private or school setting, ages 6+) Introduction to musical genres and music basics (notation, intonation, rhythm) with an emphasis on participation (singing, moving, playing) and true appreciation.  Short ukulele lessons are included in these classes.
  • Musical Yoga (school/activity center setting, with Mom/other caretaker) Exposure to live violin music, storytelling through yoga, mom and baby bonding and singing in English.  
  • Children's Chorus (school setting) Introduction to singing in a group, intonation, basic music terms and coordinated movement with singing. Currently offered at Madrid Montessori.

REPERTOIRE: Classes feature a selection of familiar songs in English (both traditional and rock/folk) as well as original ViolinKate songs written for younger audiences (check out Pirate Kate below).  Songs are selected for simple, yet useful English content, for humour, for cultural relevance and - above all - for melody and ease of singing.  Some favorites include: You are my Sunshine, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Love Me Do, My Bonnie, Rock Around the Clock and many many more.  

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