12 Months of the Year

How do we learn the order in the alphabet? With a song! Now the same exists for the twelve months, courtesy of Lingokids. (Melody and lyrics by Kate Regan).

Rockstar Baby

Cowy from Lingokids hopes to inspire the younger generation to rock out AND learn the names of some key instruments! (Melody, lyrics and concept by Kate Regan)

Finger Family

This is not an original song, but we think this version is better than most! And with more than 1 million views, we guess you may agree! (Melody by Kate Regan)

In the Garden

Lingokid’s Lisa the cat sings about the wonders of tending a garden. Note all the great garden vocabulary words! (Melody, lyrics and concept by Kate Regan; also can be heard in base vocal track)

Itsy Bitsy Snowman

Prepositions and a tiny snowman? Lingokids made it happen (Melody, lyrics and concept by Kate Regan)

Safari Song

The Lingokids characters play around with their identities while your kids learn the names of wild animals. (Melody, lyrics and concept by Kate Regan)

Walking Around the Town

Join Lingokid’s Cowy on her journey around town. You’ll hear a lot of crucial “town vocabulary!” (Melody, lyrics and concept by Kate Regan)